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Clip Connect

Clip Connect provides a fast, professional, easy-to use and secure platform to transfer videos and supplementary files.
Use it for digital dailies, signoffs, collaboration with casters, post-production houses and composers.

Efficient Workflow

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Upload MOV, MP4, MXF, AVI, DNxHD or ProRes files using our web frontend or FTP.
Clip Connect generates stream-ready MP4 files four you as needed.
Send audio files, images or any other kind of supplemental files along with your videos.

Easy Sharing and Viewing

Make it easy for your customers or partners! Clip Connect sharing links can be sent via email and the video or projects opens instantly with just one click.

Videos can be streamed to PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad or Android without logging in, installing any software or waiting for a download.

Share videos, other files or whole projects in seconds! Revoke shares when needed or add a project password as an additional layer of security.

Stay connected - Clip connect allows your customers to post comments with automatic timecodes.

Create additional user accounts so your colleagues and partners can upload files and manage projects as well!

Video Player & Timeline

Our state-of-the art HTML5 based video player offers smooth, high quality playback in 24p, 25p and all other standard frame rates. The player automatically adapts to your screen size and also allows full-screen playback.

Use scrubbable thumbnails, our living timeline and audio waveforms displays for easy navigation within a clip. Comments with timecode can be used as jump markers as well!

Import EDL files into Clip Connect to create a visual navigation aid based on your edits.

VTR Controls

Our VTR controls offer frame-level timecode(*) and allow for frame-by-frame navigation.

Our one-click screenshot feature creates a screenshot at the current playhead position - in the full resolution of the original.

Our playlist feature plays all videos and audios in a folder in sequence.

(*) precision may be limited by the browser

Quality Control

With Clip Connect, you control the quality of your video streams.

Clip Connect's renderer gives you complete control over your video stream's size and bitrate. Upload your own streams directly for total control, or allow your customers to download your originals for maximum quality.

Audio Support

Dazzle your customers with Clip Connect's pro audio meters. Digital peak meters (with peak hold) are complemented by pseudo-analog VU meters, all calibrated for video-typical levels.

An AES/EBU R128-compliant program loudness meter shows if your audio levels meet broadcast standards.

Clip Connect supports audio files (wav or mp3) and creates mp3 streams from wav-files to allow for quick pre-listenning.

Waveform and Vectorscopes

Analyse and impress with a multitude of visual tools:

Waveform (Luma, RGB overlay, RGB parade)

Vectorscope (shows colors and saturation)

Histogram (shows luminance distrubution)

Clip Connect is the first platform that offers professional waveform and vectorscope-style meters in a browser-based video player!

Products and Prices

ProductStorage (up to)Monthly transfer (up to)Excess transfer surcharge**Monthly cost
30-Day Free Trial25.0 GBytes25.0 GBytesFreeTry it now!
Clip Connect PRO100 GBytes100 GBytes5.00 EUR89.00 EURSign Up
Clip Connect PRO XL400 GBytes400 GBytes5.00 EUR189.00 EURSign Up
Clip Connect PRO XL21.00 TBytes2.00 TBytes5.00 EUR350.00 EURSign Up

Clip Connect is only available for commercial clients (companies or freelancers).
All prices plus VAT. No VAT billed for EU customers outside germany (reverse charge).
Accounts can be upgraded at any time. Accounts can be downgraded or terminated with 30 days notice.
Invoiced monthly. Payment via bank transfer or convenient SEPA debit.
**When monthly transfer exceeds the monthly contingent, the specified surcharge is billed for every 5GB of excess transfer.

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